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Different Types of Cutting Tools

Different Types of Cutting Tools

There are different kinds of materials for cutting tools, below we list the main materials used for cutting tools.

1. High Speed Steel

High-speed steel has high flexural strength and high toughness. It also has good corrosion resistance. After heat treatment, the hardness can be 62HRC to 66 HRC. Heat resistance is from 550 to 630 degree Celsius. WMo,WMoAl,WMoCo are the most common material grades of high speed steel.

2. Cemented Carbide

The Cemented carbides(also called Tungsten Carbide)are a range of composite materials, which consist of hard carbide particles bonded together by a metallic binder cobalt (Co). Its hardness can up to 89-93 HRA. Heat resistant temperature can be 800-1000 degree Celsius. The cutting speed of cemented carbide can be 5 to 10 times than that of high speed steel, from 100 to 300m/min.

3.Super Hard Tool Material

  1. Ceramics.
  2. Poly Diamond.(PCD)
  3. Cubic Boron Nitride(CBN).



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