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Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal parts are found almost everywhere and PREMIUM MACHINING can help you quickly and accurately make your enclosures, brackets, assemblies, weldments, cabinets, housings and other sheet metal parts and prototypes. Our MOQ is one and offer options for low/mid volumes.

How It Works – Sheet metal encompasses a wide range of processes to manipulate and shape sheets of metal into the required geometry. Premium Machining use bending, laser cutting, punches, welding and other processes to manufacture your sheet metal parts and prototypes.

Advantages of Sheet Metal

·Quick and inexpensive

·Hard wearing

·Flexible solutions

·Range of materials

Used for

Prototypes and low volume production, medical and communications products, housings and enclosures

Sheet Metal Tips

Sheet metal parts are some of the most versatile and inexpensive parts you can use to create your product. There are a number of different processes utilised to manufacture sheet metal parts and assemblies each with their own considerations.
Bending radii are one consideration when looking to keep costs down. As far as possible if you can maintain all the same radii on the bends there will be less setups, the process will be quicker and cheaper.

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